Welcome to the voicebank downloads page. It should be noted that while UTAU voicebanks are included here, there might also be voicebanks for other vocal synth programs such as DeepVocal and TALQu.

All main downloads are hosted on Google Drive, while mirror downloads are hosted on MEGA.

About status of voicebanks:

  • Active: Voicebanks that are up for download, receiving updates from time to time.
  • Unreleased: Voicebanks that are yet to be up for download, but are still being worked on.
  • Discontinued: Voicebanks that are no longer up for download, and are no longer receiving updates as they are considered retired. Usage in public covers is discouraged.

Recording Equipment

  • Microphone: Blue Snowball iCE
  • Recording software: OREMO
Please note that voicebanks recorded from 2014 to 2016 were recorded with a laptop microphone.

UTAU Directory

Most of the UTAU voicebanks come in a multipitch VCV format with hiragana-exclusive support, and some may have voicebanks for other vocal synth programs.