First Name: Mario
Last Name: Fuwa
Age: "18"; is said to be older than that
Gender: Genderfluid (he/they)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: N/A
Species: Qilin
Birthday: 04/04
Character Item: N/A (I'm rethinking about it)
Likes: Cats, warm showers, peaceful places
Dislikes: Large workloads, awkward conversations, chaos, his tail being pulled

Part of the Twin Qilin, and the twin brother of Fuwa Maria.

The barista of a cat café, often seen working in that place. Contrary to popular belief, he is easily approachable, but he would rather keep to close friends.

People who are close to Mario have commented about him acting like a big brother figure. In fact, he's also good with the children unlike Maria. That aside, he's also very blunt with what he says and does not give a care about whether one is offended.

Outside of his job, he often collaborates with his twin sister in building bots and other sorts of things. Not many know that he's an expert in mechanics, perhaps more knowledgeable than Maria.


Creator: KAFKA
Voicer: KAFKA
Release Date: 04/04/2015
Supported Languages: Japanese
Genre: N/A
Range: N/A

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  • Mario's former name was Odayakana Kaminari. He was originally intended to be the genderbend of Maria during his conception until his first voicebank was recorded in 2015. He was originally created in late 2014.
    • In earlier concepts, he was meant to be a butler UTAU, but that was scrapped due to me thinking it was too "weird" for him.
  • Mario's previous iterations (and designs) from 2014-2020 are considered deprecated, but they are considered to be completely different from the current revision in 2021.
  • He is voice-acted, and was recorded with a young, masculine voice.
  • His female counterpart is Fuwa Maria. She's not his duet partner though, but can be thought of as one.


  • Extremely quick-witted and knowledgeable in comparison to his twin sister.
  • His hobbies are learning new recipes, writing, and watching TV shows.
  • His form of pyromancy is related to healing. His flames are able to cure most ailments and wounds.
  • He loves cats, and he owns a couple of pet cats at his home.
  • His favourite food is fried rice.
  • Not that easy to anger, but he's said to be scary when angered.
  • Sleeps often. Doesn't like it when he's woken up too early.
  • Loves going to the karaoke, either alone or with his friends.
  • Doesn't get flustered easily unless you push his buttons.
  • Smells like fresh linen.
  • Has the cringiest sense of humour. He will literally laugh at deep-fried images, as well as distorted memes.
  • Has a pet cat named Popo, whom he loves very much.
  • His consciousness was copied to be used as the base for Suiden Zero.
    • He sees Zero as a troublesome litte brother figure, and tries his hardest to prevent him from wreaking havoc.


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