First Name: Maria
Last Name: Fuwa
Age: "18"; is said to be older than that
Gender: Genderfluid (she/they)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: N/A
Species: Qilin
Birthday: 04/04
Character Item: Boba tea (brown sugar flavour)
Likes: Robots, hacking, video games, pyromancy
Dislikes: Losing, bitter-tasting food, crowded places, the authorities

Part of the Twin Qilin, and the twin sister of Fuwa Mario.

A pyromancer infamous for her unmatched prowess in robot matches. Despite her explosive personality, she is pleasant to be around with. Maria spends most of her time placing huge bets on robot matches as well as participating in them, and if she's by herself, she builds her bots in her workshop.

Maria is an extremely competitive person and prioritizes winning above all else. Surprisingly enough, she's no sore loser. She's rather humble in contrast to her aggressively competitive nature, but she would always demand a rematch when the opportunity strikes.

Her innate ability to manipulate fire has caused her to have the tendency to set things on fire by accident. For this reason, Maria wears special gloves that prevent her from using her pyromancy at all times.


Creator: KAFKA
Voicer: KAFKA
Release Date: 04/04/2015
Supported Languages: Japanese
Genre: N/A
Range: N/A

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  • Maria's former name was Ongaku Kaminari. She wasn't intended to be an UTAU voicebank until her voicebank was recorded in 2014. Said voicebank has been considered lost.
  • Maria's previous iterations (and designs) from 2014-2020 are considered deprecated, but they are considered to be completely different from the current revision in 2021.
  • She is voice-acted, and was recorded with a bright, feminine voice.
  • Her male counterpart is Fuwa Mario. He's not her duet partner though, but can be thought of as one.


  • Prohibited from operating in the kitchen, otherwise she'll set it on fire. It doesn't matter whether she has her gloves on or not.
  • Has built over 150 robots all by herself. Some are built with Mario's assistance.
  • Often stops by where Mario works at to order the most outrageous drinks just to piss him off.
  • Her favourite hobby aside from bot building and fighting is watering the plants in her mini garden (located in her room). Her other hobbies include hacking and programming.
  • Her form of pyromancy is extremely destructive and has the potential to burn down cities if left unattended.
  • Her favourite food is instant noodles.
  • Has the habit of swinging her tail around often, and she sometimes breaks things by accident because of that.
  • Sometimes she floats a little above the ground as a form of locomotion. Blue clouds form around her ankles when she floats around.
  • Easily irritable. Please be careful when talking to her.
  • Smells like burnt metal somewhat, but it's not that obvious.
  • Is the creator of the android Suiden Zero. She hates him though.
  • Is actually scared of the children. She does not know how to take care of them.


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