As a vocal synthesis program, UTAU uses voicebanks to make them sing. And the process is rather simple, as long as you have a voicebank ready to go.

This is a short but sweet tutorial; as it'll help on getting you familiarized with the program. I'll be using the default voicebank that comes with UTAU.

Singing In UTAU

Adding Notes

To start making your voicebank sing, you should see a pencil tool on the user interface. Click on that tool highlighted in red to start drawing notes on the piano roll.

Start drawing notes on the piano roll, and you should get something like this:

Now click on the cursor tool next to the pencil tool to select your newly added notes. Or you could just press Ctrl+A to select all notes.

Then you'll have to click on the play button to make the voicebank sing the selected notes. A command screen will pop up to render the notes.

Now the voicebank should sing. Congrats! You just made a voicebank sing. Here's a sample of what I've rendered:

Singing USTs

You may have made a voicebank sing, but what about said voicebank singing full songs? After all, UTAU was made for that.

UTAU sequence text files, or USTs, are files that contain data such as lyrics, end notes, pitchbends, parameters, and all that. They usually contain full songs, or maybe shitposts. Like voicebanks, they can be downloaded online, and the process is rather simple! Voicebanks are able to read these files to sing.

Downloading USTs

For this tutorial, I'll be using the アブノーマリティ・ダンシンガール UST that I made, you can fetch that UST in the UST page on the navigation pane of this site. I'll also be using the voicebank I downloaded from the previous tutorial.

A lot of USTs are downloaded as archives (RAR files, ZIP files). This is because that multiple USTs are packaged within these archives. They can range from the main melody to the harmonies, or even adlibs. Some archives even include off vocals.

It is highly recommended that you create a UST folder within your UTAU folder, depending on where you installed it. For example:

Inside the UST folder, you can extract your UST files and place them there. Though, to make things easier, you can make a folder of the UST you downloaded for easier organization.

Loading Up USTS

Next, let's open up UTAU. Go to File(F) > Open(O), and look for the UST you downloaded.

Pick the main melody of the UST.

Load up the UST you have downloaded, and you get something like this:

NOTE: A lot of USTs don't use the same wavtool and resampler. Please adjust the settings accordingly.

What you may notice is that this UST has pitchbends. Tuned pitchbends are there to give the voicebank some flair, and a lot of USTs available for download come with just that. This UST has CV compatibility but it has some VCV lines thrown into the mix. My program has the auto VCV function which plays CV USTs as VCV USTs.

Render a part of the UST and you should hear your voicebank sing that part. Here's a rendered sample of the chorus:

So the gist of a UST is to make your voicebank sing. There are MANY USTs available for download to make your voicebanks sing, and I encourage you to look around for any USTs that interest you! If there's one that interests you, maybe you should make a cover out of it :3c