This is the FAQ page. If you have a question, chances are it may have been answered here already.


Q: Do you have any current plans with UTAU?

It's mostly developing new voicebanks and working on new covers. I may work on new UTAUs or something else.

Q: How long have you been using UTAU for?

Since 2014. I hate to admit this, but I discovered UTAU through a Hetaloid video.

Q: How long does it take for you to record a voicebank?

It depends on if I have enough spare time to record and configure a voicebank. I can finish one in under a week.

Q: Can I draw fanart of your UTAU/make covers with your UTAU?

Yes, yes you can. In fact, I encourage it! You tag can your works with the UTAUs' name. I search up work with my UTAUs frequently, but you're more than welcome to tag me in them. :D Honestly you don't need permission from me to do those sorts of things HAHA;; same thing applies to cosplays! I would love to see them.

Q: Will your UTAUs get new voicebank updates?

Currently, I have new updates for Maria and Mario in the works. I'm working on them slowly, so please be patient! I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied with their current voicebanks ^^;

For future voicebanks that are of the standalone/appends archetype, expect me to release them on the occasion...if I have the time.

Meteo, on the other hand, will still receive updates and appends occasionally. I have various voicebanks planned to record for them, but I don't really know when that'll happen.

Regardless, please be on the lookout for new voicebanks in the future!

Q: I found out that the link to [insert name here] voicebank/UST does not work.

There are a couple of reasons why this happens:

  • It's a broken link I was supposed to fix but never got to it
  • The voicebank/UST is now inactive; please don't ask me to give you the voicebank
  • The voicebank/UST isn't up just yet; please wait patiently

Don't forget to contact me if you happen to stumble on a broken link.

Q: I found an issue with [insert name here] voicebank/UST. What do I do?

Depending on what problem you encountered with the voicebank, such as an oto.ini problem or an error in the .frq files, please contact me via the official email acoount at kafkapolisutau☆gmail.com (replace ☆ with @). I will try to fix the issue as soon as I can., to the best of my ability.

Q: Are Fuwa Maria and Fuwa Mario canon duet partners?

No, they are not. They used to be in the past, but that was changed in 2018-2019. Since they are viewed as twin siblings, I guess they could be automatically viewed as duet partners, but that is up to you. Just note that any incest-central content involving them is prohibited.

Q: When will you work on the UTAU Tutorials pages?

I'm currently taking a break from working on them. If I have the energy to pick it up again, I'll probably clean up the previous existing tutorials before I work on newer content.

Character FAQ

Q: Can I pair my UTAU with your UTAU?

Yes. I welcome having my UTAU paired with others ^^; as long as you don't enforce it as canon, then it's all good!