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i use this blog to post life updates and other things that have been on my mind.

11/19/2021 - ^^;

time: 7:24 pm
mood: alright
listening to: my own UTAU covers probably

sometimes i forget i have all of my assignments being almost done so maybe if i work hard i can get them done on time!! i just need to give myslef one more push and i know christmas break is just around the corner

i think today has been pretty relaxing, and my sore throat has been getting better so that's kinda nice. also i had free time to record some new voicebanks so i took that to my advantage but i know i'll have to refrain from using UTAU for some while haha.. it's nice to work on updates once again because i haven't much free time to work on them

also i've been taking lozenges all day and i think the sore throat is getting away?? i hope?? anyways i go and play animal crossing since i'm getting tired LOL

11/17/2021 - first entry!

time: 7:55 pm
mood: stressed
listening to: ...

test test test!

i thought about making this blog a bit complex but i rarely have the energy to do that ^^; real life and university have been kicking me up the ass so the least i can do is update this site with the new theme and get back to the grind.

these couple of weeks i've been juggling with final papers (most of them requiring 10 pages) but knowing me and how much i write i think i can get it down to a T but i really bad attention and focusing problems, plus i'm easily distracted. also i have 5 courses to juggle this semester but i think taking that much was a bad idea after all...

i'm going to have to refrain from doing any of my hobbies because i know for a fact that they're taking my time away from working on what needs to be done otherwise i'll flop AAAAAHHH

here's to hoping that i can at least get all 5 papers done before the end of the first week of december -_-;;